Reflective Practice as a learning space…

Reflective practice as a teacher is a crucial aspect of effective teaching. It is important as teachers to reflect on the elements of a lesson as well as the teaching, evaluating what worked well and what didn’t, as well as how you can improve on the things that didn’t work so well. This results in continuous improvement for teaching and learning for both the teacher and the students. Many schools have different strategies in order to encourage this reflective practice and continuous improvement. For example, some schools have other teachers or the principal sit in on a lesson and provide constructive feedback. This allows the teacher to know where they need to develop and improve on their teaching or organisation skills. Therefore this learning from others, and sharing of ideas can be seen as a learning space. This is beneficial to all involved. It gets the teachers more aware of their teaching and lesson content, has the assessing teachers more aware of the skills and strategies that work and don’t work which they can then use themselves in their teaching. Also it ensures that the students are getting quality lessons and learning opportunities.


So what actually is a PLN?

PLN stands forĀ Personal learning network. It is a space or group of people whom interact in a social manner, sharing and learning from each other. This can be face to face or via the internet. Some examples are teachers in a teaching team, a blog (such as this), wikis and many other internet based programs/media.