The electronic learning space…

IPads and other technological devices in the classroom can be a fantastic, motivating and effective tool in the classroom, providing they are used in a manner which enhances learning. There are so many different ways to incorporate these into effective lesson. There is much debate about including mobile phones into the classroom learning space as a toll for learning. However there is much stigma about this which would be required to be debunked before this were to be a fully-fledged device in the classroom. However, it is not all quite so effective. Unfortunately it is quite evident that in some classrooms the teacher is uneducated/unaware how to use these devices, resulting in students using them inappropriately (playing games/unrelated apps), or simply are using apps with no educational value unless, used correctly. I have observed this happening in one of my associate teacher’s lessons with students not using the correct apps. For example, playing games instead of using the maths app they are required to be using. However, in the same classroom I saw the use of the app ‘socrative’ which was used as a method of quizzing the students on previously learnt knowledge. This worked really well as the students all had to do this individually, and the teacher could collect the data on her IPad as she was the ‘host’ of the quiz. I feel that for IPads to be a useful educational tool in the classroom teachers need to be prepared to have training, and take the time to search for apps that actually serve an educational purpose. In saying that, it is much easier said than done.


I found this interesting on web 2.0

As a part of one of my other units I am completing one of the required readings this week covered web 2.0 and the benefits of it in the classroom today.

Dee, N. (2013). Narrative inquiry: developing a web 2.0 approach to learning. Practically Primary, 18(2), 34+. Retrieved from

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Hello! I guess I should introduce myself…

Hello to one and all, those new to blogging and those experienced,

I am a preservice teacher heading towards the end of my degree and currently studying an online unit. I am new to the blogging world along with many other online modes of learning. However quite familiar with a few particular social media networks. Through creating my page I wish to gain valuable knowledge to assist with the rest of my teaching journey, as do I wish to contribute to the online world of knowledge and experiences in the online classroom as well as the typical classroom setting. On my blog I will be posting various things to do with education and related information to the field. I look forward to this exciting new experience!