2063 classroom design

“It’s 2063 and the last of the 1960’s prefab classrooms are being decommissioned. You have been given the brief to redesign a classroom that has direct access to the school yard, veggie patch and chooks”



school design6school design4school design5school designschool design2 school design3

I have used Sweet Home 3D to create my future classroom. I am happy with how it has turned out as it incorporates the required elements. It has easy access to the chook sheds as well as the veggie patch/garden beds, as well as the school yard. I have also incorporated a kitchen area which students and the teacher can cook with the food they grow. The students also have roughly a plant between pairs which they would be responsible for. There is also a fish tank and a small animal cage for students to look after and study. There are many windows to allow as much natural light as possible which would be double glazed in order to keep the temperature inside at a pleasant level.  There is an outside classroom area with many other areas which lessons could be conducted other than in the classroom.

The other aspects I wanted to include that I couldn’t using this program was:

-wind turbine

-water tanks

– solar panels


This is to promote a sustainable classroom/school as resources are diminishing rapidly.


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