Incorporating ‘8 ways’ into the traditional lesson…

-Sharing stories
-Picturing the pathway of knowledge
-Sharing knowledge through words
-Keeping and sharing knowledge through art
-Create new knowledge by putting ideas together
-Learn through land and nature
-Watch and then do
-Share the knowledge with others.

Lesson on 3D shapes:
Sharing stories: Share a book/information about 3D shapes.
Picturing the pathway: Teacher and students discuss the learning pathway and the content of the lesson.
Sharing of knowledge: Students can share their experiences with various shapes, as well as where they may have found them. The teacher would share first.
Through art: Students actually create 3D shapes out of paper.
Create new knowledge through linking ideas: Connecting 2D shapes with 3D shapes.
Learn through land and nature: Find examples in the school yard.
Watch then do: Students watch the teacher demonstrate how to draw the nets of 3D shapes. Students then draw them.
Share the knowledge with others: Students are encouraged to share their new knowledge with their parents/friends/older siblings.


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