Looking into the future…

Scenario 1: It’s 2063 and the population of Melbourne has risen to 10 million. Huge numbers of school-aged children live within the CBD, and have no access to rural and coastal Victoria. Owing to the proliferation of high rise apartments, the local government has started to utilise the roof top spaces of these buildings as schools. You have been given a brief to design a classroom that brings rural and coastal Victoria to the city. The school is committed to environmental awareness owing to water restrictions and a depletion of natural resources.

Upon first looking at this scenario I thought it would be very hard to incorporate the rural and coastal aspects into this type of classroom.

However, providing that their is enough space it would be possible to have pets and some other farm yard animals such as chooks. (There would be a need for some soil and space to scratch around in). This would provide the students with experiences a lot of rural children experience everyday, as well as the added responsibilities associated with having animals. Also students could have a worm farm which could provide nutrients for a potential garden. (Scraps can be put back into this worm farm).

-The students could have a veggie patch

-Water tanks to then preserve water.

-solar panels

-Large windows that are double glazed,

– sky lights

– small wind turbine

I feel the coastal aspect would be rather difficult to include unless their was a way to incorporate sand and water. I guess it could be possible to have a very small area much like an aquarium with fish and other sea like animals.

*Cost is going to be a significant factor in creating this rooftop classroom as many of these ideas are very costly initially. However, once established become self-sufficient and are eco friendly.


4 thoughts on “Looking into the future…

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. Some great suggestions for sustainability. It is amazing how important it is to think about the future of classrooms and schools and where they might be ? Accessing learning and ensuring we are representing areas, cultures and demographics needs to be well planned and future proof.

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  2. I love the inclusion about the ‘cost’, it is great that we given an extra push to use our imaginations and pretend that we have all the money in the world to be able to develop learning environments that effectively will be apart of the future!!

    Cheers, Haylee ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Haylee, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we can have all the greatest ideas in the world, but it means nothing if the school’s financial costs don’t allow for that type of development.

    Great work Jess ๐Ÿ™‚


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