Incursions & Excursions, are they a community of practice??

Incursions and excursions are a great opportunity for students to interact with things which are outside of the classroom setting. They are unique learning opportunities which enhance and motivate students learning and growth. As Vygotsky’s theory underpins the idea that students learn from interactions with our environment. These rich experiences are important for all students and their journey of learning, which many things must be taken into consideration in order for things to run smoothly, resulting in the optimum rich experience of learning to take place. In terms of pedagogy, incursions and excursions enhance the teaching and learning which takes place for both students and teachers. It is a great way to gain some unmissable experiences which highlight the particular focus in the classroom at the time. It is also a great way to go outside of the four walls of the classroom, somewhere different to where the teacher and students are majority of their time. Teachers and students both enjoy having others come and visit or they go and visit somewhere/someone that they normally wouldn’t get to do.

These experiences can ultimately be communities of practice. A community of practice is formed when a group of people engage in a collective learning environment, possessing the same intentions. Therefore if we create these incursions and excursions to be of a shared interest, developing experiences, discussions and relationships, we then have a community of practice. To elaborate on this last point, if there is a shared interest (incursion or excursion of interest and relevance to students), these develop experiences for the students’ growth and development, and it should promote discussion and relationships during or after the event. Therefore we can see incursions and excursions as a community of practice when encompassing these elements.


2 thoughts on “Incursions & Excursions, are they a community of practice??

  1. Hi,
    It seems like you have a great handle on excursions and incursions. You must be looking forward to the day when you get to organise some for your own class. They are a great experience form both a teacher’s and a student’s point of view. Keep up the great work!


  2. I like the term you have used ‘journey of learning’.

    Absolutely, discussions and work linked to the incursion/excursion after the event are often of high quality since the children have the real-life, multi-sensory experience to draw on.


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