Web 2.0, what’s that? Is it a learning space? Well here is my answer:

Web 2.0 can be defined as the technological and internet based world we live in today. Our generation is constantly in the presence of some type of social media on a daily basis, accessing all kinds of material and information. Basically web 2.0 is all of the means of connecting, sharing and learning through internet based things such as blogs, youtube, facebook and so on. The online community is a place where people can share their ideas and collaborate.

Web 2.0 can be described as a learning space as it a place where people can access information so readily, particularly for learning purposes. Also we can use things like blogs (as we are doing in my fully online unit) to contribute to others knowledge as well as gain knowledge from other bloggers and their posts. I know I am guilty of “just google it” when there is something you don’t know. I myself have learnt many things from just googling it. I know there are many other ways in which this could be a learning space, and I hope to find out!


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