Discuss the educational value of using ICT’s in the classroom.

Technologies are becoming a must in the classroom as there is a strong and fast approaching connection of technology in this day and age. ICT’s can be incorporated into almost every subject, preparing students for the technological world they will enter in after school.There is much research which highlights the successes of using ICT’s in the classroom. It is said that it increases student engagement and motivation, provides inclusivity (those living in remote areas or having a disability), opportunities to communicate as well as the ability for cross-curriculum activities to occur. It also encourages students to explore and problem solve with the digital technology they are using. Research suggests that the online learning space can potentially develop language, writing and social skills. Not only this but it accommodates for individual students and their differences such as interests and learning styles. There is somewhat of an open-endedness of the internet for possibilities, opportunities and exploring which result in learning.


Dee, N. (2013). Narrative inquiry: developing a web 2.0
approach to learning. Practically Primary, 18(2), 34-39-38.


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